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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing is directly marketing a commercial message to a group of people using email. In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing.
Email marketing
Turn your visitors into customers

Email drives accessibility across-channels

Personalize email whenever possible

Build an acquisition strategy

Get more campaigns out the door in an automated, trackable and highly repeatable fashion.

Optimizing for mobile is extremely important

Your data will always be relevant

Email drives deals

E-mail Marketing

Newsletters, either daily, weekly or monthly are an important part of brand awareness and digital marketing. It serves as a reminder to your customers for your company, and could also serve as the quickest means of dispatching latest information and events going on in your brand.

The content of your official e-mails matter, which is why we have a special team dedicated to creating and optimizing e-mail content based on your brand niche to dispatch to your consumers.

E-mail Marketing is a powerful medium for promoting your products, and the words that go in your e-mails determines if your audience proceed to purchase your products, or if they trash the e-mail.

Perhaps you’ve been trying e-mail marketing for some time now and you’re not seeing results, or it’s not going exactly as you want it to be. Turn it over to our team, and you will be surprised at the immediate turnaround in the response of your audience and subsequent boost in the reach of your company.


Our Clients In Their Own Words

“My experience with Temilola of  Tecky Planet has been excellent! We were informed of what the scope of work that was going to be performed from the beginning and have continually received updates and new services that were relevant to our needs. The staff is professional. We look forward to continuing our collaboration into the future”

Seun Ogundeji -

“Our profitable relationship with Tecky Planet started Four years ago and we have since then been very happy that we took the decision to engage the company as our Partner to start and maintain our presence on the Internet. Our bookstores on the website now sell, deliver, receive proceeds and acknowledge receipt without any form of human intervention. This was due to the suggestion of Tecky Planet”

Abel Ogundeji Able Business School