Build Brand Loyalty Through Social Media

few years ago, it was hard for companies to imagine themselves transacting their businesses online, but today, we don’t need a soothsayer to let us know that a large percentage of the business transactions carried out daily all around the world is done online.

With the coming of the Internet came an explosion of different ventures, and both knowledgeable people and loons could speak their minds freely without fear of arrest for the first time. But more importantly, brands began to get a representation on the world wide web, and the establishment of social media platforms years later made it even more easier for businesses to market their content to a wide audience.

Social Media networks today are fundamentally changing the way businesses do business; reach and interact with customers, communicate with their employees, offer products and services, and much more. These Social Media platforms are free and easy to use, and the most popular ones are very convenient to access on mobile and desktop platforms alike, meaning if your business is an authority on these platforms, you get exposure to a wide range of people. For businesses today, the best way to keep your company successful is to fully embrace social media.


Most, if not all social media platforms now offer paid advertising options specifically for brands that want to reach even more new audiences, and companies that take advantage of these options, especially with the services of a good digital marketing company, are surely reaping the rewards in terms of returns on investment.


The evolution of social networks in the past 10 years has been truly remarkable. Social Media represent one of the most transformative impacts of information technology on business, both within and outside firm boundaries. Several statistics reports by social media monitoring groups have reported that 92% of marketers have discovered that social media is important to their business, and the number keeps climbing higher each year.


There are so many social media platforms around today, and because Social Media impacts businesses in a large way doesn’t mean your business has to be on every single one. That is why you need the services of a good digital marketing company to help you spear-head and manage your social media campaigns efficiently and effectively.

The following top social media platforms are the best for you to get your businesses onto:

  • With about 1.5 billion active users, Facebook is unarguably the most used social media platform existing on the web today. Though it is primarily a tool for people to connect with friends and family, Facebook is a powerful platform for businesses to market their products and services to a wide network of internet users. Facebook Ads, the advertising platform initiated by the social platform, has been and continues to be a go-to medium for online advertising.
  • Twitter is another great social media platform for casual internet surfers and businesses alike. The platform has over 320 million active users, and is mostly used by businesses to interact with their customers and offer customer care service.
  • LinkedIn is a platform mostly utilized by professionals in different fields of service. It is very useful for sharing business insights and information with other businesses in your field.


There are numerous benefits a business can derive from being an authority on the Social Media. These include:

  • Social media platforms are used by adults and teens alike to keep up with happenings all around the world and catch up with their peers. With a good campaign and advertising strategy on social media networks, your business can get all the exposure it needs to kick things off on a high note across different categories of people. With top social media platforms getting billions of views daily, your business is bound to get a lot of exposure, provided you have a good online reputation.
  • More Traffic. In case you have a company website, the Social Media can be used to drive more traffic to your site. A website is like an online real estate, and you need more patronage to keep it running every time. The level of interaction your company has with internet users determines how many of them actually head over to your website to view your products and services. Using social profiles to represent your brand also helps in more ways than one. Statistics have shown that 70% of active online adult social networkers do their shopping online, so the level to which you engage your customers online determines how much traffic you get to your website.
  • Cost Effectiveness. Running your business on social media helps to reduce the cost of production, because things are done mostly using a computer system; no need for rolls and rolls of paper for all the statistics and business records. Also, running adverts has never been easier, and little adverts now and then can be done without even spending a dime on the internet.